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2012-11-20 14:04:45 by dbzmf2

Alright, it seems that I'm fucked. Macromedia Flash Pro 8 was being a pain in the ass (yeah I started to continue the episode after a 2 months break). But I had a stupid saving problem. It's even worse at the moment since I experimented with Adobe Flash. That didn't work out either (trial bullshit and I couldn't activate it). But I was able to save my files in Adobe Flash. I deleted Adobe Flash and I saw that Macromedia Flash Pro 8 couldn't open the flash files anymore. So in short. This Sucks


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2012-11-20 16:41:31

Sorry for that. :(

dbzmf2 responds:

Yeah, but I started to work with flash again. It seems that the save problem is gone for now. But it's going to take a while to finish the episode since I have to do everything over again xD


2012-12-10 19:19:54

That must suck.

dbzmf2 responds:

It did, but I started to animate Episode 9 yesterday. My main screen is complete, so today I'm going to start with the real episode.


2012-12-14 21:18:36

Will Ep.9 be completed before Christmas?

dbzmf2 responds:

Well I hope so, I don't think so. But I'll try to finish the episode before Christmas.


2012-12-25 16:32:20

Seems like Ep.9 isn't completed yet, but Merry Christmas!

(Updated ) dbzmf2 responds:

It is complete, I just can't submit my episode. I wanted to upload it yesterday, but there seems to be some sort of bug or something when I want to upload the episode. So the only thing I can do is wait till the bug is fixed or something.

EDIT!!! Oh wait, it seems that the bug is fixed, expect it to be submitted today.

Merry Christmas to you too!!!


2013-07-31 12:02:06

dbzmf2 i think you should use abobe flash cs3


2013-09-01 19:35:42

So no episode 10 then?